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Two Ways to Vote in PA (Act 77)

1. New Vote By Mail

Apply for a Mail-In or Absentee Ballot

  • Go online to Votespa.com, OR call or visit Voter Services*
  • You must apply for a Ballot for EACH election, unless you qualify for and request permanent status to vote by mail
  • 2020 Application deadlines are:
    Oct 27th by 5:00 pm for the General (please apply by Oct 20th to ensure timely delivery)

Complete, SIGN and return your BALLOT

  • Mail using envelope provided. Postage will be paid. It MUST be received (but not postmarked) by Voter Services by Election Day
  • OR, you may deliver to Voter Services* (bring in-person with ID) up until 8:00 pm on Election Day

Want to see the application screens?

Click here for screenshots of the screens that you will see in your application for the vote by mail.

Our Polling Places
East Whiteland precinct #1 – Immaculata College, Faculty Center
East Whiteland precinct #2 – Great Valley School District Admin. Building
East Whiteland precinct #3 – Covenant Community Life Center (People’s Pantry)
East Whiteland precinct #4 – East Whiteland Township Building
East Whiteland precinct #5 – East Whiteland Township Building
East Whiteland precinct #6 – People’s Light & Theater Co. (rear)
Charlestown – Charlestown Elementary School

2. Vote in Person

Polls are open 7:am – 8:00pm

  • NEW: No “straight party ticket” option on the ballot. You must now fill in the oval for EACH office.
  • Plan your time. Morning lines are longest.

Bring ID if you are a new voter, or at a new polling place

  • Driver’s license; US Passport; voter registration card; military, student or employee ID; firearm permit; current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government check; any ID issued by PA or the federal government

Problems at the polls

  • Listed as “inactive?” Sign an Affirmation of Election, then vote using a regular ballot
  • Not in the poll book? Use a provisional ballot
  • Other issues? Call Voter Services*

Our thanks to the concern citizens of Chester County Marching Forward for some of the content in this post.

State Representative Kristine Howard (D-167) files for Re-elections and touts high-profile endorsements

Governor Wolf, Conservation Voters of PA, and EMILY’S List among early supporters of Rep. Howard’s re-election

 Harrisburg (Feb. 17, 2020) Riding a wave of recent high profile endorsements including taking 75% of the Democratic Committee vote and winning the endorsement of the Chester County Democratic Party, incumbent State Representative Kristine Howard today filed 50 pages of nominating petitions with nearly 800 signatures,  more than doubling the number of signatures required to be filed to place her name on the ballot for the April Democratic Primary.

In the past two weeks, in addition to the Chester County Democratic endorsement, Rep. Howard claimed the endorsement of popular Democratic Governor Tom Wolf; EMILY’s List, a nationally respected women’s rights advocacy organization; the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, the leading environmental legislative affairs watchdog in the Commonwealth; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) State Council, a union that represents thousands of Pennsylvania nurses and lower-wage workers; and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), a union that represents among others, grocery store clerks and Wine and Spirit Store workers.

In his endorsement of Rep. Howard, Governor Wolf said, “Representative Kristine Howard’s background as an attorney, child abuse investigator and child welfare advocate has brought a critically important perspective and voice to the legislature on these important matters. She has also been a true champion for the environment and made significant contributions to efforts to bring common sense gun reform to Pennsylvania. I am proud to endorse her for reelection to the House of Representatives and urge you to join me in supporting her.”

State Representative candidates are required to file 300 valid signatures from registered Democrats who live within the boundaries of their districts. Rep. Howard’s Pennsylvania House District, the 167th, is entirely within Chester County and includes the municipalities of Charlestown, East Whiteland, West Whiteland, Easttown, Willistown, West Pikeland and Malvern Borough. Rep. Howard was first elected State Representative in 2018, winning her primary 80% to 20% and going on to defeat six-term Republican incumbent Duane Milne.

“I am thrilled by the early momentum my campaign has enjoyed. In addition to the important stakeholders who are supporting me, our grassroots ground-game is tuning-up impressively. The signatures I filed today to get on the ballot were mostly gathered doo-to-door by more than two-dozen volunteers who knocked on more than 4000 doors. I am exceedingly grateful to everyone who helped and to the people we reached for the welcoming hospitality we found as we brought a bit of grassroots democracy to our voter’s doorsteps,” Howard said.

2019 Zone 13 Election Analysis

This posting was written by our own Martin McElroy. It first appeared as a comment to the NY Times article concerning a “blue wave” in suburban regions.

As of Tuesday’s election, Chester County’s government  is 100% Democratic for the first time since the birth of major league baseball. Yes, it was a sweep: both county commissioners, every row office (D.A., Sheriff, Protnothary, Register of Wills, Register of Deeds –  Dems won County Clerk, Treasurer, Coroner, Clerk of the Courts in 2017), every Judgeship. The Chester County Republican Party is on life support. No surprise – Trump hogs all the oxygen!

WAIT! There’s More: in East Whiteland Township, until recently a toss-up, Dems won every precinct (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), and Charlestown Townwship, too!  A sweep for Zone 13!

WAIT! There’s More: In East Whiteland Precinct 3, turnout: 534 ballots cast – 35% more than 2017 and 42% more than 2015. In 2015 Dems cast 85 straight party ballots (vs. 68 Reps); in 2017, Dems cast 115 straight party ballots (vs. 72 Reps). Yesterday, Dems cast 200 straight party ballots! (vs. only 88 Reps). In every contest in East Whiteland Precinct 3, Democratic candidates carried over 60% of the vote – producing margins of 2:1.  

This achievement is the result of patriotic men and women taking the message to their neighbors that we will work to wrest American principles from the choke hold of a vile, venal, vacuous Republican leadership, finally exposed by Trump (though Bush-Cheney set the dials). Now, it is certain that our future must be, can only be redeemed by citizens who awaken to their civic duty.  ” …the work of donating and volunteering and showing up and getting involved — especially in state parties in battleground states — is essential now,” …  The blue wave of 2018 wasn’t preordained — people built it. They’re building another.”*  

East Whiteland Dems work together toward a government built on the social, economic, political and moral principles of the Democratic Party: equal justice and equal opportunity under the law.  

Ben Wickler, Wisconson Democratic Party Chair, quoted by Michelle Goldberg, NY Times,  in 9/8/19

Dems picnic before campaign season kicks in

The East Whiteland / Charlestown Democrats held their annual picnic last weekend. It was time to relax before the hard work of getting our nine county-wide candidates elected in November.

A big thank you to the 2019 candidates who stopped by — Judges Analisa Sondergaard and Bret Binder, County Commissioner candidate Marian Moskowitz, Prothonotary candidate Debbie Bookman, and Chester County Sheriff candidate Fredda Maddox. Our neighbor, State Representative Kristine Howard, joined us as did many newcomers to East Whiteland/Charlestown Democrats.

The food was delicious and the company was great.

Sample Ballots, ready…

Volunteers prepare the sample ballots soon to be mailed to registered Democrats in Charlestown and East Whiteland. Thanks go to:

  • Diane Fugale
  • Pam Rockacy
  • Donna Pyne
  • Jerry Pyne
  • Joyce Stanley
  • Sue Drummond
  • Marsha Peltz
  • Kathy DeMarco
  • Adrienne Abramson
  • Carl Abramson
  • Bob Rodini

We also received a surprise visit by County Commissioner candidate Josh Maxwell.

Special thanks to Marsha Peltz for providing a comfortable place to perform this task.

Please come out and vote in the Primary Election on May 21. Polls are open from 7 am till 8 pm.

Meet and Greet the Democratic Candidates

In just two short weeks, you will be casting your vote for candidates for the following offices:

  • Judge of the Superior Court
  • Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  • County Commissioner
  • District Attorney
  • Sheriff
  • Prothonotary
  • Register of Wills
  • Recorder of Deeds

Who are the candidates and what are the responsibilities of the office they are seeking? Please take advantage of this great opportunity to

Meet Democratic candidates
on Tuesday, May 14 from 6:30 to 8:30
at the home of
Sue Habgood
14 Anthony Drive

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas: Analisa Sondergaard, Bret Binder
For County Commissioner: Josh Maxwell, Marian Moskowitz
For Sheriff: Fredda Maddox
For Register of Wills: Michele Vaughn
For Prothonotary: Debbie Bookman

Benjamin Franklin said it best as he exited the Constitution Convention in Philadelphia. Asked by a woman as he walked passed, (I paraphrase) “Dr. Franklin, Dr. Franklin, what have you wrought???” “You have a Republic, Madam, if you can keep it!”

We can keep it through our VOTE!!!! R.S.V.P Sue Habgood ahlt@verizon.net or 610-247-0917