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PA Senate District Debate – Sunday, Oct. 23


On Sunday, October 23 at 2 p.m., Senator Andy Dinniman will face off against his opponent in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Chester County at Borough Hall in West Chester.

As you’ve probably seen, Andy’s opponent, Jack London, is running a smear campaign on digital billboards and television, financed almost entirely with big state and county GOP dollars. In fact, we already know that the Chester County Republican Party has single-handedly dropped $250,000 on the election to finance the negative attacks, fabrications, and downright lies against Andy.

On Sunday, October 23, we need to pack the room in a show of support for Andy and his service, work, and values here in Chester County. There is no doubt the opposition and their hardcore partisans plan to stack the deck with their supporters in order to hijack the event.

We cannot let that happen.

Come out on Sunday to stand with Andy and help ensure that we have an open, fair, and honest debate. Together, let’s send the message that big money can’t beat Andy’s 30 plus years of hard work, service, and loyal representation to Chester County.

Mike Parrish wants opponent to take a position on Trump



It is inconceivable that my opponent has failed to denounce Donald Trump for President. Not only is Trump unfit, but he is unworthy to hold the office. Yet, my opponent Ryan Costello continues to cower to save his taxpayer funded job. Mr. Costello may be unable to speak and stand tall for what’s right but I will.

Donald Trump’s comments, caught on tape, and released to the media on Friday are disgusting and deeply disturbing, not to mention totally disqualifying. That so many Republican elected officials, including Ryan Costello, continue to stand behind him serves as an embarrassing and constant reminder of my opponent’s failed leadership. Beyond the entirely immoral and lewd nature of the comments made by the Republican Nominee, the acts Trump describes and brags about in the video are by any definition, including the one used by the Department of Justice, sexual assault and harassment. I have already seen defenders of Trump dismiss his language as ‘crude locker room chatter’. I served in the Army for 30 years and I have never heard something as totally appalling in any locker room or mess hall.

As the father of two daughters, the son of a wonderful mother, and frankly, as a human being, I am ashamed that Donald Trump is a credible nominee for President. The truth is that Trump’s ascent was made possible by the cowardice of career politicians, like Mr. Costello. Their continued complicity has only emboldened a dangerous man who does not demonstrate the judgment, temperament or character to lead our nation.

At the beginning, when Ryan Costello announced his support for Donald Trump, and was elected as a delegate to the RNC, Trump was already known to have open hostility toward and disrespect for women, including use of terms like “fat pig.” Costello endorsed him anyway. When Trump attacked Latinos and Muslims, Ryan Costello failed to challenge him. When Trump disrespected veterans, and attacked Gold Star families, Ryan Costello failed to denounce him.

At this point, even if my opponent were to finally denounce Mr. Trump, and support the values of our community, it would be obvious lip service and disingenuous political opportunism. Mr. Costello’s ongoing support for Donald Trump has shown us who he really is.

Trump’s comments are not surprising. Donald Trump’s misogyny, ignorance, total lack of judgment, temperament and lack of moral character have been on display throughout the long election cycle. During the Primary, many prominent Republicans were quick to point to these very characteristics as evidence of his lack of fitness for office. Since his nomination, we have learned a lot more about both Donald Trump and the moral courage of his supporters in the Republican Party. Ryan Costello, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell have turned a blind eye to their nominee’s obvious and offensive moral failings, once again putting their party over country, their own naked ambition and desire for victory in front of the needs of our nation, and in doing so have failed our communities and country.

Mike Parrish

Chester County – A Swing County in a Swing State

By Steve Marroni | [email protected]
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on September 28, 2016 at 9:30 AM, updated September 28, 2016 at 4:55 PM

CHESTER COUNTY – On the steps of the old courthouse in West Chester, surrounded by historic buildings almost as old as the United States itself, a Republican campaigning to become Pennsylvania’s next attorney general addressed a crowd of supporters.

“It comes down to experience and dedication to the Office of Attorney General,” state Sen. John Rafferty said last week, telling his supporters that he is the candidate who will “stand tall with law enforcement.”

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Mike Parrish Stands with Lilly Ledbetter


parrish-and-ledbetterIn September, I had the pleasure of attending the Chester County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative’s Fall Gala with Lilly Ledbetter. Meeting Ms. Ledbetter and hearing her inspirational story about her fight against Goodyear for fair compensation and the creation of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was a true honor. Her visit also highlighted the fact that the fight for equal pay for equal work is far from over.

I support equal pay for equal work. The pay disparity between men and women is a national disgrace, as is the fact that this is still a political issue at all, much less a contentious one.

I served in the Army to uphold and protect the fundamental American values of fairness and equality of opportunity. Pay inequality itself, along with the unwillingness to take decisive action to address this issue, is an affront to those values.

As the father of two daughters, pay inequality makes me concerned for their future. I know that my daughters are as smart, strong and capable as anyone, and I want to know that they will be fairly and equally compensated when they grow up and build careers, families and lives of their own.

In Congress, I will be an outspoken advocate for equal pay. I will do this because it is the right thing to do and because it is the American thing to do. I will do it because I want to fight for my daughters and for your daughters. This is the very least we should expect out of our elected representatives.
According to the Department of Labor, in 2015, full time working women made up almost 47% of America’s workforce, yet they received only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21%. As you read this, the Paycheck Fairness Act has been introduced in both the House and the Senate. Unfortunately, it appears that standing up for an idea as fundamentally American as equal pay is somehow a partisan political issue.

The House version of the bill currently has 193 co-sponsors, but my opponent, Ryan Costello is NOT among them. In fact, only one co-sponsor out of the 193 is a Republican. This demonstrates that many of our elected representatives, like my opponent, are blinded by partisanship and out of touch with the people they represent.

How Mr. Costello can claim to be bi-partisan, independent, and to represent the values of our community, yet fail to lead in supporting equal pay for our wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters and neighbors defies rational explanation. Sadly, he is once again playing follow the leader and falling in behind his party bosses. He has done this time and again, including when he decided to put party before country by blindly supporting Donald Trump.

The partisan talking points that this legislation is somehow unnecessary simply don’t hold up. The Paycheck Fairness Act would introduce greater transparency and accountability into pay practices to ensure that employers are not discriminating on the basis of gender, and increase the ability to enforce the existing laws that forbid such inequality.

Pay equality has been the law of the land since 1963, because this is an issue on which the vast majority of Americans have agreed for generations. Taking steps to make that law enforceable is simple common sense. In our military, our officers and enlisted members are paid based up their rank and time in service without consideration of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. This is the way that people should be compensated, fairly and equally.

In Congress, I will continue my commitment to serve our community, our country and the American people by proudly and vigorously supporting equal pay. I will do this to pave the way to the brighter future my daughters and all American women deserve. My opponent’s failure to lead on this issue is an embarrassment to all of us. We can do better.

Mike Parrish

If you’re tired of the inaction and partisan politics in Congress and believe WE CAN do better with the strong, independent leadership of Mike Parrish: >>Chip in HERE to DONATE $3, or more.<<

A Message from Joe Denham


As a pediatric anesthesiologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I advocate each day for the health and safety of my young patients and their families. At CHOP, each day is a matter of life and death. The children and their families need to see positive results.

It’s time that working families, our children, and our seniors are treated the same way in Harrisburg.

I am running for PA State Representative because Harrisburg is broken. Entrenched politicians continue to play political games by allowing a 9-month budget impasse for 2015-16 which forced state agencies and school districts to borrow money to continue their important work.

My opponent recently voted NO on the recent 2016-17 budget revenue bill. He stood with Harrisburg insiders who wanted another budget impasse. The budget revenue bill did pass with bipartisan support enabling the work of our schools, agencies, county and local gov’ts to continue.

As an elected township supervisor in Chester County, I successfully work in a bipartisan manner and achieve a healthy economy where there has been no tax increases. I also led our township toward the recent Moody Aaa financial upgrade for West Whiteland Township. Moody specifically looked at our initiatives during 2014-16 ( my years in office ) as a major reason for our Aaa status. My township is 1 of 2 twps in Chester County and 1 of 6 twps ( out of 2,400 ) in Pennsylvania with Moody’s top Aaa financial rating.

My name is Joe Denham and I will fight to create jobs, grow our economy and reform the way Harrisburg works. Together, we will make legislators accountable and restore health and strength in Pennsylvania.


Joe Denham
Candidate, PA State House of Representatives-167
Web: joedenham.org