Our people our pledge

East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems’ mission is to represent Democrats and enable our neighbors to realize their full potential through good government. As members of the Chester County Democratic Committee (CCDC) and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party (PA Dems), in compliance with CCDC By-Laws, we seek to develop, advocate and elect qualified candidates that mirror our community’s democratic values of truthfulness, transparency, inclusiveness, and equality. We will vigorously campaign and influence changes to enhance everyone’s quality of life in our neighborhoods, schools, parks, courts and beyond.

Committee People:

At Large member CCDCJohn Neefe
East Whiteland 1Steve Rhoades, Chris Demas
East Whiteland 2Maddie Marcotte-Rolston, Dave Hesson
East Whiteland 3Michele Vaughn, Amanda Snyder
East Whiteland 4Terry Schatz, Bill Holmes
East Whiteland 5Brian Taylor, Andrea Schran
East Whiteland 6Tom Parker, MaryLou Meehan
Charlestown Michael Churchill,  Samantha Jouin
Zone LeaderJerry Pyne

Our pledge:
To help revive civility and respect when discussing local issues in my community, I will make a conscious effort to…
• listen respectfully to people who have views different from my own;
• avoid stereotyping;
• conduct a campaign without intentionally distorting or mischaracterizing facts, or intentionally using them in ways that are misleading;
• not use language or take actions that are insulting or derogatory.

Can we count on you?